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When we eat, we have the choice of many foods, snacks and meals readily available and waiting for us on the shelves of supermarkets and other retailers. Many of them promise to be “healthy” for us with labels such as 'low in fat', 'low in sugar' or 'rich dietary fiber'. But what do these labels mean? Who decides what is really good for us, what our body and mind need to function? And why are we getting fatter and fatter even though we eat 'LIGHT' products all day long?

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Once you start reviewing what these 'light' products actually contain, you'll find that they often do indeed contain less fat than their more natural competitors. But that is not necessarily a good thing, as additional amounts of sugar are added to make the product taste better. A gram of sugar contains less calories than fat, but is more easily and quickly absorbed by the body but won't stop you feeling hungry for long. So, you tend to eat more often and at the end of the day you will have a higher calorie intake than if you had eaten the “non light” option. But it's not entirely only about the exchange of fat with sugar or the ligth revolution, it's about going back to basics. Know what you eat, learn by yourself what is best for you. That basically describes what we are after.

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A chart showing the distribution of calories over nutrientsThe primary focus of this website is not weight loss, but to help you to learn about what you eat and what nutrients your food contains. This will help you make informed decisions about what should and should not be on your plate. Over time you will develop a natural sense of what foods are good for you and naturally gravitate towards those foods. Those of you who have a naturopath or Nutrionist at hand may want to review your eating habits with him/her.
This website and the tools contained within it started as a personal project to track my own nutrition and eating habits. Through the use of these tools I learnt a lot about my eating behaviour and could accordingly adjust my habits to promote a healthier lifestyle. My philosophy is that if this site helps even only one person to adjust their eating patterns and gain a better lifestyle, then it has proven its point and is a success.

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